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Exhaling sharply the left foot slipped purposely from the railing on the end of the pier. Gravity took over and the torso followed. The splash was limited as the scent of salt water rushed through his nostrils. There was no struggle, just submission to the sea.  A final cleansing baptism in brine. With anoxia came the experience of vibrant colors began that exceeded anything the spectrum of a fusion sun can possibly reveal.
A wash of hues beyond any existential understanding of colour, so pure, so vivid; simple, yet fantastic, to which no earthly beauty can compare.

Then came the peace, brief in it’s occurrence as new sensations came to the fore. Muffled sounds plus a feeling of cosseting warmth, that was so reassuring and all enveloping.

Then the sounds became louder; a pounding; and thumping, as the cosseting became a crushing and then in the briefest moment; there was bright white light.

A sharp intake of breath was a prelude to the scream.

The midwife, cooing over the newborn infant in her arms stepped forward towards the bed and spoke gently.

“Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby girl.”

Chapter End Notes:

Is there really ever an end ?

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